When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Time...in the city

of Laredo!!

Haha nothing like times with the family, cousins and being outdoors. Yes, family and cousins are one in the same, but are they really? I think on a longitude view of the family tree, these people are like extended siblings who are all so similar yet different. I love them. lol.

I felt like I was 12 again riding in truck to Laredo from Corpus. I was nominated to drive to Laredo. Oh yes. I think b/c I suggested to take my SUV for the family trip. I think that we'll always take a family trip to Laredo until I'm married.....and we know that is not happening. At least not yet. (optimism or I am just trying to convince myself?) Thank goodness I like and love the people I all share my genetic blueprints. Well, I basically informed my dad that me driving the family to Laredo would not be a great idea b/c I was tired. Oh, snap! He was tired too. I'm sure if I needed to, I could do it. But why did I conk out before we even left Corpus and didn't wake up until 3 blocks from my grandfather's house?! Yeah, real embarrassed...but rested too :)

We were actually not the first family there - impressive! Met up with my cousins who drove themselves. Oh they are getting so much older. Which only means that so .....are my aunts and uncles. lol. No, I meant me too. Alas, I'm comfortable w/ again, but in my business, everyone I work with stays young and they think 22 is old. Oh, I can't wait till they turn 25...haha!

My Grandpa's, the Ramos side, is the designated place to meet up for Christmas, to open gifts and to just celebrate the day. It's amazing. I remember before my family relocated to Germany how we would run around the place. Yearrrrs later, cousins are still running around. :o) We have celebrated the holidays at my Grandparents houses in Laredo since as long as we have lived in the states. So intense. So much love there. I smile at the thought of walking through the front doors. 'Wela and 'Welo Perez have long passed, but I keep the memory of Christmas at their house on Davis Street alive in my heart. There is no extinguishing those pages of stories or thoughts or pictures that are engraved (in color) in my heart. Once my brother and I found my 'welo Perez's laundry and played, yeah, you guessed it - dress up. We rocked the fedoras too! But the funny thing was that my 'welo's yellow/gold boxers fit like pants for us! haha We also wore his dress shirts and fat ties. He was a large man...and I was probably no taller than 3 feet. The man, Antonio H Perez, never frowned. He was a baseball player, a barber, a husband, a dad and a grandpa. What's to frown about?? I loved that guy. Mom once said, that it was sad to know that he never saw my play baseball/softball. I felt like he saw every game. Heaven has certainly given the best seat in the house. I'm more than sure he was there every second. He actually passed during the '89 World Series, Giants vs A's. In the Battle of the Bridge (or Bay) Series. It was the one with an Earthquake stopped the game. Go figure. He passed during a game - seems perfect if you ask me. I read him the paper during his funeral. It seemed appropiate. Still feels that way today.

Wow - I just put some serious memories on the table. Nice. The holidays bring it out and I more than fine sharing. If you read, than you probably know my middle name, and that makes it good.

Christmas was better than ezra. Can I say that?

I loved seeing my cousins, aunts uncles and grandpa Rrrramos. Cute as ever. He was overwhelmed with the amount of people in his house. Mom counted 33 total. Felt like 84 for me. I stepped outside to get some air b/c it was too warm in doors. Oh, and check this out. I got to meet my cousin's daughter, Haylee. She is a smiler. Ahhhh, I love her. I told Chris that I think she is going to be athletic. :o) And as promised, I hooked her up with a soccerball. I'm thinking I might need to get her kicking it around. So great to see kids running around everywhere!

We were the last family to leave, but wow it was good. I was slightly tired upon our return to Corpus, but nothing a lil sugar free Red Bull couldn't cure. :) Oh, I think that might be last red bull for a long time. I felt my heart racing and almost leap out of my chest. Yeah, that would make for an interesting post (enter sarcasm). But wouldn't you know it, my family passed out on the trip. ;O) I take it as a compliment that they can sleep while having faith in my driving. Although, I'm more than positive, they were super tired and needed to catch some Zzzzzs.

Well done. It was a good Holiday. I'm thankful for my family and our time together. Family is family and sometimes we have those rough patches. I certainly appreciate those times. All more to appreciate when we have passed the patch. Now if I can withstand the evil power of my mom's kitchen, I will be good. I fall weak onto it's power to just consume, consume, consume! The kitchen is my kryptonite!! It's a vortex of consumption and calories. I might implode at any moment.

Frickin kitchen. It erases the moment that I last ate, so my mind thinks I haven't eaten in forever! ahhhh!


Lovely Day

Yeah! So I'm hooked on this song, Lovely Day by Donovan Frankenreiter :) I was running along and came across the song on my lil ipod. I had no idea I had the song, but sure enough I found it on my iTunes and replayed it a few (to say the least) times. Thought you might like to listen to it and get pumped for your day.

I give credit to the creative mind {Chriz*} who put the video together with all of the sights to be seen! Yeah, I want to get out there to the beach again w/ crisp air, blue skies, and some serious waves.

check it:

Hope your week is as lovely as you imagine it! I'll be at the dentist tomorrow....listening to this song...no doubt!

Pedal OUT,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Soooo....Cue the music b/c I survived the holiday shopping. Phew... YES!!! :D No more looking for parking spaces. No more searching for the shortest line (which doesn't really exist this time of year). And no more searching for the "perfect" gift. Well, I might be making one or two later in the break. I just owe my cousin for getting her brother a gift that I'm supposed to get him. Secret Santa at its best. Work it!

My brother made some menudo, which I can't eat, but it smells soo frickin good!! I will rock out another meal. Tonight, I'm just going to chill out, hop on the treadmill and relax with the family. I'll wrap some gifts later on tonight while sipping some Pear Ace. I totally got my mom hooked on it! hahaha

To your family, you, yours and the yours to come - Happy Holidays!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

God only knows....

Nothing too much here. But have you ever had one of those days where you just had to lay around? Yeah, I had a great lunch with one of my former student workers who is going to law school. Wow they grow up fast! And the remainder of the day I spent battling a headache. Although I talked to two of my staff members, that also made me smile and even had some Oreos and milk. Lactose for me please :o) I haven't had oreos in 4 ever!! And there is nothing like good conversation with it. Not to mention, I talked to cousin for a bit and chatted about family. AND in between all this, I napped on the couch napped, took medicine and drank oj. Ahhh, what a day, lol.

My headache is like N'SYNC - GONE!!

Well, I head home tomorrow, but not without some shoppin! Christmas is cinco days away and I gotta hit up some stores b4 I head home to Corpus.

Over the break at home, I'll get to learn some new recipes from mom, do some bike riding with dad and chill out with brother. Yeah, I'm down for that. And, I want to get some miles on my running shoes. I've been hitting that new gym campus has and it's more than amazing. So much dang space and lots of equipment. Not to mention a rock climbing wall that shall be conquered. AND a swimming pool! What-What?! Yeah, I've got some personal goals to get after in that area too.

My work outs have not been consistent, but have present. I want to increase my endurance, strengthen my core muscles and work on bone mass. Yeah, I have my work cut out for me....but I'm down for it :o) Work out schedule to come.

Have you ever seen Love Actually? I love how the movie has so many different stories in it and how it ties and overlaps in the end. Love it. I just cheered for the little boy who told the girl he loved her. When your heart is full and you find someone you truly love, tell him/her - there is no stopping the words. Just say it. Get lost in that feeing. :o) Love is all around.

God only knows what I would be with out you.... sing it Beach Boys!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Christmas tree.....

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, you are leaning to the....oh nevermind! As long as it is up and lit, that is all that matters!!

I love me some Christmas time, but it seems every year it comes so fast! It's like you can't wait till it gets here, and when Dec arrives, the month flys by like a train. Like a silver bullet. Like a....realllllllllly fast cyclist :o) I swear it was a few days ago and literally realized Christmas was coming up real quick!! Ahhh! So have I shopped till I dropped?? Not so much and not at all. Well, I did get my mom a gift the other day and so that is one down. I have appreciated all the little snacks, goodies, and gifts. I truly see the joy of giving from others. I love to give and I hope to get some shopping in on Sunday before I head home. Love me some Corpus time!! (ahhhh-haaaaa!!! That was the Kumbia Kings signature cry!) All Corpus, All the time!!

During my trip home, I'll get some personal reading time completed and some cycling in too! You know I'm pumped!! Even the reading. Speaking of which, my first semester of grad school has completed, and it was a challenging, thorough look into the amount of academic stretching one can endure. I loved it. I love to get pushed and I love to see how far I can push myself. If you think you can't, think again. YOU CAN.

So, on this note. I'm heading out to conquer a dance floor and leave my mark metaphorically into the night. I trust you will have a wonderful evening and dive into something fun and something that will make you smile!



Thursday, December 18, 2008

34 and counting

I just remembered taking this photo sometime two weeks ago when it was a-freeeezing (nearly) in SM! lol! I had one of my RAs perfect the photo. IT's literally cool. It was a great night. It was Tuesday and I just finished my last presentation of the semester, turned in a paper, and a final (3 papers)......and helped with the Moonlight Breakfast at one of our dining halls for our students. It was a good night. Then I headed home.

So frickin cute b/c some of the students starting yelling out, "It's snowing!!!!!" :o) Sorry kids, it was only slightly sleeting in SM, but maybe we will get some real snow! Spent the evening sipping my favorite hot coffee - Spiced Pumpkin Latte while watching my residents slip and slide in their shorts in 34 degree weather!! Ahh!! Yes, I do make note to them about the weather and their choice of clothes for it. :) They just entertain me by running around in the cold. Talked to some of my staff and ended the evening talking to a friend. I love me some good conversation.

Good times. We may have some more cold weather this Holiday Break. I'm ready for it! But if it's hot, cold or somewhere in between, it will be great. This is our time off and time to just relax and recuperate. Do it up! I had to save the pic b/c I could believe how cold it was!!

Stay warm,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

E is for Elated

Frickin A - simply amazing. Just simply amazing. I love how we can ...ok, I'll get (generally) personal on this and you let me know if you can relate. Or you can keep it to yourself.

I love how I can talk to someone and just listen and learn about them. I just love learning about people. Who they are, where they came from. How the heck they got here. And where are they going. Where they want to be in life. And it brings something out in me. I love the exchange of conversation that just happens. You can't plan it or force it, but I just love it when it happens. I appreciate it on so many levels. And when it happens, you just roll with. Well, you don't have to at all. But to be a part of it, its so intennnnnnse!!! I love that.

I want to say that I appreciate the people in my life. The adders, subtracters, multipliers and dividers. They all have got me to this point and I'm grateful. Thank you. In the end and during your process, I hope that I can somehow get you where you need to be in your path.

Be well, and good night (or morning),

E. is for Elated.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yeah, I'm about to say it...

OK, OK. So this is the season for Christmas/Holiday Music and I'm all about it. I might hum it or make up my own words. Whatev. But I will tell you what...what. I will tell you that my all time favorite song is this, and in this version. I love it. Makes me want to nod my head, get excited, and feel the cheer. Call me what you will, but I love it. It tells me that not all Christmas/Holiday Music must be winter wonderland type, but can be agressive....and sexy. Ha! It's the good stuff.

It also makes me think off how in the huslte and bustle (sp?) of the season, take that time to slow it down and make the moment count. If you got a missletoe buddy, have fun with that. If you have two, high-five to you! But when you hear this song, jam out. Know that Santa is watching and he digs it when people love the Holiday Cheer.

So turn it up and play it! You don't even have to watch the screen. Tis the season!Don't hate, celebrate!!

just let go.

I could very well be hooked on this dude and his explanation on life. When I saw this, thanks CQ, I couldn't help but think of my life travels. More spefically, I could help but remember the countless times when I would hang on to negativity and the things that hurt me the most. Negative words, negative situations or negative people. Or in somecases it was random strangers. I just couldn't let it go. It's not easy, but learning to let go each day is a great step forward. Imagine the weight you carry when you are walking up a steep hill? Imagine what it would be like with nothing on your shoulders. Well, I know for me, I would be riding my bike uphill in my semi lowest gear. :o) But I'm sure you could have guessed that too.

Check the video out and let go of something today. Just one thing. One. I promise it will make a heck of a difference.

I would like to thank those that help me let go and continue to inspire me to live each day. Thank you so much. Here's to the next 5 years. ;O)


When your arms aren't ready to let go, you aren't free to embrace today. Let's not miss out on today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Inhale, Exhale

Just something to think about...


Friday, December 05, 2008

1 year

It's been one year since I have meat. In Nov 2007, I decided to give up beef and chicken for one month so I can increase my veggie intake. Well, it was a hard task, and I almost lasted 1 month. I think it took more of a toll on those that surrounded me more than myself. I had some explaining to do to my mom, who every year prepares the Thanksgiving turkey. She was a little on the surprised and slightly upset side that I wasn't going to eat da bird. So Thanksgiving 07 I had a little turkey. In the end, there were 3 other days I accidently ate meat that same Nov, thus I rounded up to Dec 5th, 2008 as my Pescatarian Birthday. :)

It's been a good year of food and striving to be healthier. I wasn't sure if I was going to last, but it has been good. Along the way I met two other pescatarians and learned more about their eating habits. Yeah, talk about random, but when I attend a retreat in May, I actually learned about the label pescatarian. So how did I spend my day - worked, worked out and ate like a queen!

My workout was amazing! Warmed up on cardio, worked the rowing machine and tackled the rec's new Rock Climbing Wall!! Amazing!! I got higher than I thought, so next time I will get higher! I guess one might say, I rocked it :) (yeah, I said it, lol) I had a good dinner and now some homework. I know I'll be sore tomorrow, but it will be totally worth it. :)

Nothing else here but positive thoughts. I know I have a big week ahead of me and the only thing that is going to get me through it is going to be positivity. Did you ever realize that if you just think positive, good will happen? Or if you find yourself at a point in your day when you find yourself having a bad mood, but there is chance when you can choose a good mood? Try choosing the good mood and see what happens. Chances are your day will change and you will have a better day. It's amazing.

I found myself facing a bad situation last week and couldn't do nothing about the situation. I was left choosing to have a bad mood or a good one. Whatever the situation was, (which I don't remember anymore) it turned into a great day. YOUR mood IS factor of good day. :)

Yeah, it's amazing stuff.

Be well and enjoy your day.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Never Give Up

With Finals around the corner and monsterous tasks at hand and graduation for some, I refer back to this picture my coach provided me in 12th grade. It was, among anything, one of the greatest tools in my box. He probably will never know this, but I still refer to it as my motivators upon uphill metaphoric battles. Our softball team was hand delivered a packet of information on the opposing rival team late in March. Coach knew that if he was able to provide the mental tools, all we would need to do is outplay the girl in our position on the other team.

Sidenote: one of the team members of the other team is now a close friend of mine. I love when life works like that.

In the game packet, was a picture of a surprised pelican and more than eager frogg. No doubt the pelican was hungry. No doubt the frogg was thirsty and fighting for life. I can't imagine the grip the frogg has on this bird, but from the looks of it, its about holding on and gripping life. The frogg, probably from the other angle, has white knuckles blaring behind the pelican's throat.

My message. Don't give up on yourself. Keep squeezing. Keep walking. Keep strutting. Keep breathing. No matter what uphill battle you are facing, keep going.

If you find yourself walking through hell, keep walking. -Winston Churchill. I'm sure no one likes to admit that they have been in that dark place, but if you have, I'm sure you have an appreciation for a brighter day and life.

So, Walk it out. Literally.


PS. Oh and we won that game in extra innings. 3-2. It was a sweet day. Our knuckles were white and our smiles were wide.