When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Such great heights...

Such great heights. That's what we are supposed to be achieving, right? How, as a culture do we get there? How as a people do we recognize the barriers that surround us? How do we as a people convince ourselves not to be comfortable in these barriers? How do I, one voice, start to talk about this problem? That's just it. It just has to start with conversation....and the conversation has been happening. Now to do something about it all.

Vision without Action is a Hallucination.

As a culture, as a race, as a people struggling to break through the glass and not fall through the cracks. Why do I feel that the the people in my culture are barely touching the glass to break through it? I feel like I have been waiting for someone else to bust the glass of our entrapment. Shit. It's going to break. And when it shatters, please help each other up and not step on heads. Thank you.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Crawl 4 Cancer.

For my cousin on her 27th b-day! Whoa!! Hard to believe but we all grow up so fast. So when you get that chance spend time with people that you care about and spend it however it makes you smile. This was a pic from the weekend in which we walked, ran and crawled a little to help raise money for cancer. Alll in good fun and then some.

Here's hoping for some cool weather this week - Peace!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

weird dream

So I woke up from a crazy dream...and I'm pretty sure it was a re-run, or it just felt like it.

Somehow it is the end of the world, and me and a few other random people are faced with the choice to change our DNA structure to become...wait for it.....Transformers! Well, the day that we were supposed to change, I have a little cough and miss the transformation. I did, however witness the pain of the super morph and it looked like a lot of pain. Yeah....no. So the world ends vs me turning into some suped up power ranger veggie transformer. hmmm - looks like I'm undergoing a little H to T operation. That's human to transformer if you didn't catch that.

The night before that actual change I was downtown in some large unknown city trying to find food when I was faced with some sort of reality. A transformer/dinosaur (my guess brontasaurous from the looks of the head shape- also a veggie) crept down and faced me. I thought, this is it! All he/she had to do was zap me with his/her lazer. (mind you there was a medal module fixated on its fashionable helmet). I look directly into its eyes and thought how easy it would be to just be done right here and not have to worry about how to save myself or the rest of the people. But the creature ended its paused and hesitation and just left me alone. hmmm. Either I'm supposed to be doing some saving in the dream or I was spared for later.

Maybe there is a fight for me to do. Maybe I'm worth the fight. Maybe there is something more deeper than just the easy way out. How many times have we all taken the easy way out of anything? I know I have, but more recently I find myself stumbling on the road less traveled. And more so, I find myself tripping over my own shoelaces and picking myself off the ground. Dusting myself off and removing fragments seems pretty familiar so I just keep going. Something tells me there is meaning to all of this. Or maybe its the positive side of me who is hoping to catch onto the silver strand in this all. Maybe I already have it? In all, I can't give up on a fight. I know I'm worth it. PS.....And that took a lonnnnnng time to actually believe. There is something so true in my beating heart that just wants to make everything better for the world and the people around me. Don't know if they will let me. Either they don't want it or I'm not trying hard enough. Right now, I'm fighting to finish school, stay healthy, find me some bliss and some balance. Not to mention some sick hills for a bike path. :)

ok---No more Extreme Pringles and rootbeer before bed. Off to my Tuesday!