When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Friday, August 29, 2008

quote for the day...and forever



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st Day

I just finished a workout. Snap it was amazing. Ran 3 miles and cycled campus from Blanco to the valley and back up all the hills. I looked at my watch and I have burned 400 cals biking campus! Put that in your back pocket. So that is good info to know.

Ok, so before the work out, I sat through my first grad class. It was pretty good :o) I think I'm going to really like it b/c it relates to my current job and that is working with students. I have always like to listen to students and to people in general. YES, students are people. But with what I'm learning here, it might help me apply these unknown theories to what I have been dong all along. And we are going to be videotaped during sessions! I'm not a big fan of what my voice sounds like recorded, but I'm sure it will be fine. I'm looking forward to the next class, and this time I'll have the correct book. Yeah, go fig - the book that cost more than an iPod shuffle was the wrong one. Thank goodness for receipts. Phew!

Haha - so my good friend, The Tri Coach, (U know I don't use names people!) send me the pic above. I was telling her that myself and my supervisor will be having staff mtgs with our amazing RAs, and that today was my first day of class. So this pic was sent to me. I think I'm supposed to be Curious George. All cute and brown. :O) Well, I do love me some George de Curioso! But as for the older gentleman behind George - no se!

Thoughts for today: Take a plunge. Take a step in the direction that you have been aching to go. No matter what is is. Do it! I dare you. It's only a matter of time once you have taken that step, that you finally get to the place you have been day dreaming about.

Get there.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Just smile.

I feel like my days are as busy as ever. The students are moving in and getting situated. We are muscling through requests, handing AC probs, interesting situations and we keep rockin that smile. All and all it's good.

I realized I haven't been on here in a while, so that just made me realized - yeah, its been a bit on the busy side. No worries about that b/c I'm learning lots. The staff is more than amazing and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm excited about the staff development and how these students are going to grow in the next few months. Crap - I'm wondering how I'm going to grow in the next few also!

Grad school starts the day after tomorrow and I have a blender of feelings about it. I feel anxious, nervous, a bit timid, but one the surfaces the most. Readiness. I feel ready for it. I think I have the last few years to thank for that one. So much change has happened and I just kept second guessing the whole thought of heading back to the classroom. I want to do this. Who knows, maybe I just think I'm ready. Well, I'll find out in a few days, ay. Whatever this semester and the next two years hold, I just have to start it with a positive attitude, pray for the best and work hard. The rest will fall into place.

I got asked some personal questions today that got me thinking. Got me thinking about relationships and what I was looking for. I'm pretty sure that everyone is looking for same thing. I mean really - who wants to ask for someone who is mean, foul and rude? Of course people want someone fun, someone to make them laugh, someone to dance with (ok, the dancing is more for me - lol). I guess for me....it's someone I can make laugh, someone I can love and hopefully love back. Someone I can cook for and teach me a thing or ten in the kitchen. Someone who might like try new things like being outdoors. I mos def want someone who is trying to understand themself but still wants to learn more about them and accepts their flaws. Sometimes things cannot change. I'm cool with that. I know there are things about me that I'm trying to change, but that will take time. I'm learning as I go. It's the little things too that I like. One day, when the time is right, it will happen. Love will makes it way through my door. So glad I have an open door policy.

I guess I have love on my mind for today. Crazy. Crazy like a straw.

I read this quote on my friend's desk and I'll leave you with it....

"Don't cry because it's over...smile because it happened." I don't know who wrote it, but it makes sense. It's bittersweet thing to swallow, but once you do, you can turn the page to your life and move on. Well yes, one you turn that page, you can start writing some new stuff. Here's to page turning. Today was my day to just smile.

Dueces....yes, they are still wild.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Tomorrow is check in.  I'm pumped for it and the staff is most def ready!  I love my students! 

And... if you are having a bad day....watch this -->  Click here. Guaranteed smiles.  If that doesn't work, check it at this link.

Have a more than blessed day....yeah we do it big on the westside at BSS, 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I feel....

I feel good. Something inside me feels just good. I don't know what it was, but I just had a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at this moment walking to my office on a Sunday night. My intital thought is someone will try to take that from me. Well, only if I let them. When you got a good feeling, no matter what caused it - smile and say thanks. I just did.

God is Good stuff dot com.


Friday, August 15, 2008

So I lost track of time.  No not the hour....the day.  I was in a training session today with my amazing staff and realized I didn't know what day I was living.  If I was quizzed on the day of the week and was going to be offered a cash prize, I may have lost.  I had no idea it was Friday!  lol - We have been in training since Tuesday and will be going strong till the new students move in.  Snap!  I'm learning lots and getting to know the staff more.  I like that.  There is just something about working with students that makes a day go from good to great....ER! :)  

Random, but I just spent 3 hrs with some of the staff talking in the hallway. I had no idea.  Time just flew by.  It is my hopes that I will be able to provide these students the mentorship, support and direction that was given to me in undergrad.  It is also my goal to make sure they finish the year with with career ideas and more confidence than what they already have.  They are amazing.  Point blank - amazing.

Diversity was a big topic today.  It made me think of the issues that make me feel uncomfortable.  Subjects that I don't think I am strong in.  The presenter, a friend of mine...we will call him the Brit, made an excellent presentation.  Talked about privilege, equal rights and where are we going and how far we have come.   We should be scared about diversity - It should make us want to learn more.  I felt that even thought I am diverse.....there is so much more for me to gain when meeting with people who carry different characteristics.  If I meet those people, maybe they will gain something from me?  I know that I will be a stronger and a better woman for meeting them.

It's all about the walk. We say we are equal.  But are we really?  Are we all at a place to say we are equal amongst our neighbors?  Then why are their laws that restrict gays from marriage?  How equal is that?  That is just a thought and there is so much more to the topic of diversity, but I'll touch on that in a later post.  But really, who is anyone to say who can marry who?  They are not going to be living with that person - so who cares.  Why can't people just be?  Why will I have to let some law out a damper on the one I love?  I don't get that.  Well, I guess that is the problem.  People just don't understand the logic behind that rule.  B/c there isn't any.

All in good time.  It will happen.  Everyone will have equal rights.  Life will work out.  I just hope I see it in my lifetime.  Ahhhhh.....I know I will.  :)

OK, I'm out like trout.  Have a good night!

E to the R!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Character Counts!

I just hopped off my bike from an evening ride through campus.  There is just something so peaceful about riding at night.  When no one is out - the world is silent.  There are no cars, no people....just you and the hills.  You and the wind.  You and the night.  There is just something about the wind in a ride.  It can be your enemy or it can be your assistant.  But also, it can be the whisper of peace.  Just riding and listening to the sound of the wind in my ears...I love that.  I feel unstoppable.   I feel free.   

Today was a first time in a long time that I have had a long day at the "office."  I miss that.  We are in the midst of training and learning.  I feel that I'm learning everyday.  And now that our leadership students are back, I'm gaining from their experience in this field.  I had the opportunity to sit for an extended period of time with one and really mash out some professional development.  I like that stuff.  If I can connect and get one student motivated, imagine what that student will  do with that energy.... I love that thought.  We talked about empowerment and providing to others.  I love talks like these.  We just want to take that to all the students and students to be.  Imagine if you can just impact one person.  And maybe that very person will impact another and so on and so on....  A global domino effect.  

So after a productive day of training and listening and thinking outside the box..... I hopped online to browse for motivational poster for my office.  I found a pic that might help me along the semester.  I posted it above.  Choosing our words is so important.  It just leads to so much more than what we say b/c it has an effect on those that hear it, and also transforms our actions....and in the end our destiny.  If we can select the right words and words of empowerment, we can help others around us grow and develop their character.  I like the pic and the sports reference in it.  Play fair, but play firm too.  Play strong.  Live fair.  Live firm.  Live strong.  OK, that last part was some of my add in. :)

I'm glad I had the chance to ride today.  My bike just kept staring at me as I sat on the couch using the laptop.  I couldn't have a day (especially this day) with out a ride.  I wasn't sure if I was going to get a chance, but you know....if you want it - go get it!

Keep on Pedaling, 

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This weekend was pretty sweet!
Friday - Dinner with friends, bowling and then a movie. Then it came down to some personal business on the road. Check it -
Sat - 38.08 miles Including a ride down Sessoms!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Sun - 35.69 miles
MY heart is feeling pretty good. I haven't ridden back to back like that in so long. Body check:
Legs - tired and tanned
Heart - Feeling good
Face - a little on the tanned side - no differt than usual
Smile - from ear to ear!
Bike - Chase is ready for more!

I'm spent. :)
Now to some softball practice! lol
P.S. This pic needs a ponytail!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh Susan!

I received the following quote from a fellow cyclist and thought it was something to blogg about. I'm def pro bike. And I'm also pro girl power (duh) :) But if you, guy or girl, have never ridden a bike, try it. So awesome. A bike can take you anywhere. It's free transportation. Great for the environment. Good for your health. Give your legs definition. oooow! It can release that inner child that is achin to play. Or it can release that inner beast that has been caged up for so long. Try it. You can borrow mine. Take Link our for a lil spin, but if you even think of keeping my bike - I will find you or you will be buying me a new one. :) Whoa - that was my inner beast saying it's time for a ride. Dueces! Here's da quote from Susan B. Anthony....

"I'll tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world. I rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a bike. It gives her a feeling of self-reliance and independence the moment she takes her seat; and away she goes, the picture of untrammelled womanhood." - Susan B. Anthony 1896

Oh Susan....Rock it, don't stop it!

Pedal OUT,

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Snap - Good Times!  I just spent the evening with some good people and strutted our way through First Thursdays in Austin.  Good stuff!  Two of the people in the group were newbies to the festive event which made it fun to show the area around to them.  One of them grew up in the same neighborhood as my dad and his brother and sisters.  Ahh - I love me some family.  So much history.  Puro Laredo.  Puro Proud.  Love it!  And I'm from Corpus!  :)

Check it - this time around, one of the participants decided not to wear heals and going out clothes, but was rockin a dress!  Actually two of them were making their way sporting dresses.  Looking fly- I hope they have passports!  Mine, of course, was at the cleaners, thus, I dressed in comfy tank tops and shorts. :)  Yeah, that is how I rock it.....I don't do dresses unless, MAYBE someone is getting married or something huge.  I did have a sweet yellow messenger bag that was mistaken for purse. Ummm, no.  It was clearly a messenger bag.  Messenger bag.  The Pirate made an appearance and so did another Laredoian too.  I wonder if I spelled that remotely close to correct.

Dinner at Doc's.  Walking South Congress.  Hitting up the tables. Looking at crafts.  Eating a Pop - So Cool.  Love it. I even bought a ring.  It just popped out at me, and I couldn't take my eye off it.  Girly moment #2 of the evening.  Whatev - it's a sweet ring.

The night progressed and after feasting on a veggie burger, salad and snacks along the way I couldn't help but smile along the way.  I know it is not everyday that I get to see these people, so I just take it in whenever, wherever I can.  Love it.  

And love me some Austin.  I get teased sometimes that I'm always there and should move there.  Yeah no, but I wish I could.  I am dedicating my next two years to San Marvelous and then we shall see.  Weird, but in 2 years, who knows where I will be.  Who knows where YOU will be?  Where do you want to go?  If I got a reader out there....write down right now where you want to be.  Do it.  Right now. I'll be waiting.  I want to hear about it.  In fact, if you want to let me know - go for it.  You can go anywhere and do anything....ANYTHING!!

This weekend, a good friend of mine will be celebrating her 30th birthday.  IF you are reading this - Happy Birthday to YOU.  You have lived so much that I think you have lived for others too.  Pedal your way into your new year.  It's going to be something very unique and special all that it should be.  Love u!  And thank you for inspiring me to just be.  

Here's to all the birthdays (yeah you!!) this weekend and all the grand promotions (atta girl!!) and all the celebrations to be celebrated!


Random, but I think I met Hello Kitty.

A quarter

I got my suv back....she's up and running.  Although Mr. Mechanic said I might need new tires b/c one of mine has a bubble and may blow out.  Wow - if it's not one thing, it's the other.  I totally sound like my mom when our mini van was acting up.  Actually, the first time I ever heard the word "alternator" and "sylenoid" (which I'm sure I'm misspelling) was when we had the mini van.  I loved that ride.  I would snag the back seat b/c I could fit perfectly across it.  Loved it!  

Well, I have Taylor back (my suv - and yes, almost everything has a name.  Why not?) and I'll look into some tires after I get them inspected.  Ching, I'm just thankful I got a vehicle.  It's been crazy hot outside and riding my bike super fun, but it's just hot!  OK ok, I could be elsewhere in some desert heat.  Point taken.

Tonight, I had a softball game.  We lost.  We lost by 2 points.  I didn't like the fact that we lost, but oh well.  We all did the best we could and to me that is all that counts.  We play again next Wed and we'll do better fo' sho'.  

Had a lat night treat at Sonic with some team players.  Good stuff.  A sonic girl hooked me up with some soda to make a coke float from my vanilla reese's peanut butter cups shake. Yeah, there were not that many reese's in it, so the float was a shot in the dark and I was pleased to get some beverage.  

I got home, answered some voicemails as I changed to go for a bike ride.  Yeah, it was 1030pm and I wasn't done with my day.  I still had some energy and felt like spending it on my bike.  Went to Wells to attempt to deposit a check (no envelopes  = sadness) and then to check my mail!  What up!  

My night was a bit better.  I don't know sometimes ....well, we all have our good moments and then those that are opposite than a smile.  It didn't hit me until I just sat down to write this, but I'm trying to work on this change thing and letting something go.  For instance, at the softball game I found a quarter.  I smiled b/c really - who ever finds a quarter?  It seems that almost everytime I have a game, I find change.  The light hits the coins well and I just pick them up.  Here's the thing - I smiled for a few reasons.  1. Free money - hello!  2. I remembered an old friend who would always try to be funny and take my coins. 3. And lastly, I realized that change is good.  I guess God is just trying to get me to seriously remember that.  It is good.  And it's ok to let go of burdens.  If something is weighing you down, shoot - just let go.  I should def spend that quarter somewhere.  Hello laundry fund.

It's been one of those days.  Ummm....I kinda feel like Doogie Houser, MD writing in this thing sometimes.  Homeboy should have coined the word blogg back then.  Cha- Ching!  Now, that would be a lot of coin!

Final thought: today was well spent (get it coins...change....get it?  yeah I know you do).  Despite the craziness.  The headaches.  The silly running around.  I realized as I started my late night bike ride that all three of my family members called me today.  Mom, dad and bro.  I felt the love right at the very moment of that very thought.  A phone call is so powerful.  Even if it was a voicemail.  Love it.

Pedal OUT, 

Correct spelling is Solenoid :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ready and waiting

So I heard some good news today.....

My suv is up and running!!  :)  Totally good news.  Although, Mr. McHandy Mechanic misquoted me on the price of labor.  Ummm...so I'm left with a dilemma.  He said I can either pay him what he quoted me or pay him a little bit more.  He is going to short himself a lot of cash if I pay him the quote amount, so naturally I feel bad.  But seriously, don't quote a price if you don't know.  And yes, I'm going to give him more than the quoted price, but not the full amount.  He says that he understands and doesn't expect to get paid the full amount.  Well,  I will see tomorrow.  It's been a long day, but good one. 

I think its a sweet profession to fix cars and be knowledgeable in that area.  Everyone who had a vehicle will have motor troubles one day.  So why not know something about your car?  

So tomorrow afternoon, me and purple princess will be heading over to the body shop to pick up my ride.  How pumped am I??  This pumped {------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------}  That is supposed to be my hands and arms stretched out on both sides of me.  :)  Yeah, real descriptive.  :)

I hope she is ok and ready for a fun filled Wed.  I have some tubing with my former office and a play off softball game at 8pm.  Who's comin with me??

SO here is to you all who work on cars:  May you always have good business and correct quotes.  :)


Monday, August 04, 2008

Dirrrrty Hands & High Hopes

Got to ride my mountain bike today :) So you know I got a smile on my sun kissed face. Although not only can you see me coming at cha, but you can hear me too. But it's my brakes you hear - squeakin' louder than ever. I swung by the Bike Cave after lunch, which was after work (yes I work). The bike mechanic did more than help me, but taught me about bike pads and adjustments! Yeah, it is the little things that make this girl smile.

You can either give someone the fish you caught, or teach them to fish. Teach me. Not only that, but I got my hands all McGreasy and my ride no longer squeaks. I rocked it!

Now for by SUV, I'm waiting on the results of my battery. My ride is in good Hands. Just praying for the best.

Back to work -


1 Mexican wrestler, 1 pirate, some pizza, 1 cousin and a possible new battery??

This weekend had so many turn of events, I don't know where to start.  First off, I will say that I'm incredibly thankful for the friends that I have in my life.  They are a big reason why I'm able to stand.  But I def will give me some credit too.  

Sat was good times.  I worked a bit in the early afternoon, attended a work blank-quet and picked up a friend and headed to Austin.  Typical Sat or so it seemed.  I informed my friend that, everything or everywhere we did and went that night would be something new.  No matter what.  From the very place we parked my ride, to the very place we showed our IDs and to the very place we sipped thru our straws.  New.  And so we did.  ha - except once.  Now, b/c I vowed to never post a pic of my friend - we'll call her Dee Dee, with beverage in hand online, I will most def keep my promise.  Oh, but I have such a great photo that I might have to frame :)  Sometimes our word is all we have, and I'm going to keep it.  

Ah, but the evening was grand and we got to hangout with our friend we'll call "The Pirate" and another called Roommate.  Oh, these names.  Whatev - it sounds all Dick Tracy to call them this.  

After one dollar bet, one mexican wrestler and my random high fives to strangers....the night progressed to a little place we call heaven.  Ummm, we will call this place Homeslice.  Well, b/c that is it's real name.  Oh this was our pleasure principle ala Janet Jackson.  We completely bypassed Roly Poly O's and headed to South Congress for some long awaited pizza.  The trek there reminded me of the movie Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle.  You can just taste what your craving are Clay Aiken for.  Although we did not have any hurdles but red lights, we got there in no time.  

So there 4 of us are making comments about our evening on the west side of town in between the long desired bites.  And my friend the pirate is eyeing someone b/c I see him staring.  He is looking or possibly checking out some girl in line.  I follow his eye sight and what do I see - MY COUSIN!!  lol!  :)  I haven't seen her since June (or maybe May), and go fig, last time I saw her was on South Congress for First Thursdays.  Love this girl!  My little cousin.  Ok, not little.  She is def a lot taller than me and a few years younger, but you know they will always be your little whatever - forever.  I couldn't believe.  It made me smile just thinking about it.  I love my family to the end and back.  I realized how much I missed home and the people who fill that "house."  Cousin and I got to talking and we will make some plans to hang out soon.  It made me laugh some b/c we were getting after each other for not calling one another to go out.  I sometimes forget I have a relative 30 min away from me.  So blessed.

It was a great Sat.

Sun was eventful.  I was a bit bummed out though.  Just one thing.  One little thing.....

My suv, Taylor died.    Randomly, a mechanic drove by me and my 2 friends and stopped to help us out.  Ah geez - I guess something like this was supposed to happen sometime or another.  I am more than sure that I take care of my ride.  You know the saying - be good to your car and it'll be good to you.  I told Mr. Mechanic that I was a bit embarased that I got stranded, but he assured me that not matter what you drive, that something like this happens to everyone.  That made me feel a bit better, but did not bring my car back to life.  Right now, my ride is in the hands of the mechanics business and I'll find out tomorrow around 1pm the status.  I'm just praying it will get better and not cost too much.  I know that God does put people in your path for a reason - and I'm super duper thankful that I wasn't stranded too far and distant from the people who helped me.  Thank you.  And to Mr. Mechanic guy - thank you too.  This is interesting, but when I was stranded with my first car, the same friend was there to rescue me.  Thank you Rocky! 

God, you do wonders.  Blessings.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Christmas ...in August

Christmas socks in July....I mean August!  IS that such a random bad thing?  Ah, but they are so comfortable.  :)  I was telling a friend of mine how I was rocking red Christmas socks and she thought that sounded like fun.  Why do we have to wait until the appropriate month to sport the complimentary clothing?  But what if it just felt right?  I say  - go for it.  The more comfortable - the better.  And if it makes you crack a smile - then by all means slide across the floor with your most fave socks.  You know I did, minus the make shift microphone :)  

Thank you red socks, it was a long day.

Keep pedalling,

PS. Forgot to mention that I was watching Family Stone too.  ummm - guilty pleasure #22.  Great Christmas movie.  It'll make you laugh and cry at a whole new level. 

Da nuh nuh! Da nuh nuh!!

Oh, how I love me some ESPN and Justin Timberlake.  Go figure the two together.....  Check it out here!  This is too good so don't pass it up :)