When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Thursday, January 05, 2012 - let's do this!

With almost a year away from this, no better time to get back into the swing of writing. I am entering my 4th semester at UT in Student Activities and learning so much about my profession, myself and where I want to be down the line in Student Affairs. I've worked in Admissions, Orientation, Residence Life, Campus Recreation, Multicultural Student Affairs and now Student Activities, This year I will make strides diving into more of my field and determining my next step, whether it is academically and the job. In student affairs we are taught to be knowledgeable in all areas, thus Master in our Universe...sity to best support our student population, and challenge them along their way (when appropriate). But I feel as though I have lost the ability to intentionally challenge myself and dig deeper into my plan. OK, maybe not lost, just placed on hold for some time. My goal is take charge of this and walk forward to the next step. I am excited and nervous, naturally, all at once.

Did you like my He-Man reference? :)

I know I'm not the same person that started work, thank goodness. Even the powERs that be have made strides to challenge me and improve my growth. I'm so thankful. I'm not just looking to be better, I'm searching to reach out more and support more. But I have to take care of myself to become a stronger pebble in this ripple effect.

My pup is quite large, and he will be 3 this March. I remember the 1st day I saw him. He was from a litter of 9 and was the chubbiest, quietest and the pup who was by himself in the family. Perfect grown into his own, and no surprise to me, he is the strongest, loudest and most extraverted dog I have ever met. I feel safe with him around and living in a city full of animals and interesting people, he's quite the ice breaker.

My bike and I are in a complicated relationship but I assured myself soon I will be back in the saddle. This year I participate in 3 scheduled bike rides and 3 running races. I have no intention in running a marathon, although I think about it, I just don't believe my knees would last the distance. Taking care of my health is mandatory. Less sugar, more protein and veggies are a must. I'm watching my parents make strides to the gym, and it makes me excited to see them eager to burn some calories. My brother is a beast at the gym, and I need to play some serious catch up, in my own way, to ensure I improve my endurance.

2012 Re-solutions
I was going to make a lonnnng list, but I thought I would keep it simple with a 5 point plan.

1. Follow through with my intentions
2. Take a chance on myself and not give up
3. Write/Read more
4. Find Balance....then exercise balance
5. Stay Organized

Each month, I have instilled a MBS formula (wow, my "J" grad colleagues would be shocked at this) that will help me stay balanced. I mean really, no one runs a marathons in one shot. Let me re-clarify that statement. No one runs a race in one shot, we need to break it down. For me, at least, I need to see steps. If I have some check points, I know I can accomplish and reach the finish line.

M = Mind. Read/Write more. Stay committed to reading professional articles related to my work and other topics of interest.
B = Body. Its time to hit the gym. Stay focused on breaking a sweat b/c its fun and worth it in the end. 2x week is a must!
S = Soul. It doesn't have to be church persay, but finding time to do community service at least once a month may just what the soul needs. Keep praying and ask someone to pray with me if they are comfortable with it. I miss that praise and worship.

Hopefully next time, 10-11 months will not roll by without something said. :) Say something b/c you are worth it.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have always played some sort of sport. Soccer, tennis, curling (just kidding), figure skating (again, jk) and softball. When I was in middle school, my mom dropped me off for my first game with this new team. I was always the shy, quiet kid, but I owe it to running around and team play to get me to open up. When I showed up to our first softball game of the season...they were handing out our team jerseys. I, of course, was so pumped to get a shirt with a number on my back. In the last city I played in, I was number 3, so I was aiming for that number again. Well, the number was taken and all that was left was six. I can't say that I was immediately excited, but I thought to myself, six is twice as much as three, so this has to be a good thing.

I can't tell you if we lost or won the game or even how I played, but I can tell you this fact. Once upon a time, my mom's father Antonio H. Perez played baseball for the Delores Coal Miners in Mexico. He played catcher and he was huge. I'm completely opposite in size, but we might have comparable smiles. My mother informed me that his lucky number was the same as the number that I wore on my back. :) Yeah, I was sold. Ever since then, I have always worn six each opportunity that was presented. I love it.

I realized the following today in a meeting.....

SIx months ago, I started a job in higher education in Austin, Tx working in student activities. Maintaining my practice in student development, supporting students and helping to reduce risk on campus because we all know we cannot eliminate it. I get to work as a Policy Advisor and get the opportunities to interact with students on a daily basis and help them create success for their organization. I'm in a city that I'm growing to liiiiike ;) a whole lot and given the time, I feel that I might just say the L word. :) People, I'm not going to rush love. I realized my last post was about traveling to Central Texas for an interview... as you may have guessed, I got that job. How incredible, I work 30 miles up the road from a place I called home for so long. Texas State, I love you. Please know it wasn't you, it was me, and I had to bounce and spread that Bobcat Pride.

Six months prior to my start date, takes me to February. I was sitting in class listening, learning and definitely exercising my brain in (possibly) massive amounts of thinking. The concept of oral comps crossed all of my classmates' minds on a daily basis, as well as getting a job, maintaining classwork among other things..... I got to run my dog, where am I going to live, it will be nice to live in a place I can ride my bike more often. How did I get here? Where am I going? Am I ready? Whoaaaaa - Amazing what a group can do together. Get that support wherever you go, trust yourself, work hard, but always work smarter, collaborate and whatever you say, know it always means something (2008, S. Carpenter - just that last part though). I'm incredibly thankful for my grad school experience and what it revealed to me.

It amazes me what time does to people. Everyday is an anniversary of something from five years prior, or a decade and depending on your age 20 yrs! A year ago, I had no idea I would be living in Austin with my dog and just doing what I do. I'm blessed. I'm thankful. I'm evolving.

My hope for the next six months to have completed some of my 2011 goals, thrown on some extra miles on my road bike, taught Tanner how to settle down and ridden my bike to work more than I have taken the bus. I got that BIG HOPE in my heart that seems to be growing but I'm not sure for what. I'll let it do its thing and be thankful its beating for me.

Pray. Pray for whatever you are going through that its preparing you for the next step. You will land where you are needed the most. Well, that's what I do. Its not full or fool proof, but I'm thankful for what's going on right at this very moment.

And in the next six minutes, I'm going to prep for tomorrow.


Monday, June 28, 2010

On the Road again...

On my way to Central Texas for an interview. I'm praying for the best. I'd like to say I have a feeling about this week, but that could be for anything. I'll continue to put my best chancla forward and keep my head up. I am moved by the power of "I can." I have received a lot of powERful words and recently have figured out somethings on my own.

This month I moved home, said "see you later" to some friends, my brother turned 30 and my dog calmed down. My heart remains on my sleeve and my spirit is all around. I find my way to the running trail and the pedal while in Corpus and rediscovered my outdoor sense just makes sense. Wherever I land, I plan on continuing living like this and taking my dog with me on those trails. I trust that wherever I land, is where He needs me the most. Blessings, prayers and positive thoughts to everyone.

Letting go and Letting Him is what I got.

Friday, May 07, 2010



more later. I just can't believe it right now, but I know its true.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

check please!

Much has happened since last I post...actually, I believe I have left some things out.
Half Marathon - check. Triathalon -check. Interview in Colorado - check. Interview in NY - check. Cut and donate hair after 3.5 years - check! big ol long ponytail - check! Graduation photos - chhhheck! Realized I need to apply for different types of job and cast that net much wider - about to be CHECK. Walk in to last week of Grad School - :)

Tomorrow is my last class of grad school. All that stands in the way is a revision survey, 3 questions to my final and a presentation. I'm hoping for papitas. But the mountains I have climbed thus far, it might just be papitas. It'll be good.

I've realized much about myself. The woman I hope to be and the one I never want to be like. The value system that I hope to share with students, but more importantly to always live. It would make life so much easier to just live by the golden rule, ya know? Imagine if the world just al worked in giving and forgiveness.

Graduation is next week. And I have a big grin sitting in the airport in Long Island. Who's a big girl? lol

Who doesn't need to miss her flight!

I'm out!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010


As a class assingment, I was to present my leadership philosophy. fun assingment, but afterwards through reflection, I summed up the majority of my presentation to this:


L. Lead by example. Love yourself, faults and positives. Let yourself Learn from your mistakes, b/c they are Lessons.

I. Integrity. To the very core of my being I have the power of choice and fuel my moral development. I cannot control anyone but me. I am willing. I am able. Maintain a solid, honest, working core so that self can stand, and that others understand how to as well.

F. Forward. Even in the midst of negativity or hell, keep moving forward. Becoming still only creates staleness and the repetition of a place you do not want to be present. Winston Churchill, an optimist, said it best, “If you feel like you are going thru hell, keep moving.”

T. Team. Together Everyone Achieves More. If I am present, if I am able, if I am willing, if my core is strong and considered of similar values to my teammates, my staff and my organization, we WILL move forward.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Resume - check.
Chicago job interviews - check.
NASPA Conference - Amazing! & check.
Finish grad school - 05.14.2010.