When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gavin Degraw - what is up?!

So I did the unimaginable....I wore orange when I went to attend a concert on ut's campus! lol Oh well, can't beat them, join them. A friend of mine works on campus and invited me to go see some Gavin Degraw! Oh snap - i had no idea what I was in for with this concert. It was more than great! Homeboy has some lungs and was rocking the mic. Who's Mike? no se! Granted I only know 2 songs of his, but WOW his new stuff is really tasty to the ears! Uh-Mazing! I might have to look up his stuff and download some songs ala iTunes.

Me and the Pirate ventured off to the concert and had a great time :) Naturally we had some talking time beforehand and chatted it up with random strangers. Fortunately for everyone around us, they got to see his eye patch. That children is what happens when you tease your parrot. The lil' Paulie wants a cracker bit goes a little too far when you start with the teasing. sadness. utter sadness.

The music. The crisp air. The cold. All made for a great outdoor concert night. So I will refrain from putting my fist in the air and waving it like I don't care. :)

It was good stuff dot com.

Have a good night! Pics to come. I'm in the process of moving...again :) and my picture transfer wire is in my other apt. Soon!

Be well, Be you,



lol...yeah you read that right.

So this boy band (guilty pleasure #13) that I use to listen to growing up decided to go on tour. So me and some girls had to part take in some boy band action. AND we had to do something pretty different - we made shirts! Yeah, we went there and made some sweet shirts! My friend John at printthistx@yahoo.com made some sweetness to rock for the special day :) Yeah, it was amazing!

We took the night step by step and rocked our faces off song by song!! I don't what it is. There is a sea of women and they are screaming for these 5 boys from Boston. I need to clarify, I do not scream, I yell. Oh and did I ever!! I Jammed and Danced my way through each song. And if I didn't know the words to the new songs, I learned as I went. Half of the time, I would have guess to say what they were saying... which makes me wonder. I think my cheering and yelling and dancing, made me want to be a part of this boy band-ness :) Yeah, I would have rocked that. Ahhh - the new cd, The Block is a keeper. Thank you for the copy, ay :O)

What else? Random, but as I was walking to the end of the line to catch up with my friends I noticed people in line were not smiling!! Why the heck would they not be smiling? It's been 14 years since the last time a New Kids album was released - and they got sad face all in the air!! No good. So I played with the audience. lol side note: what is this orientation?? lol End side note. I love that! So through my chit chat and some light light light flirting some may say, I ran into a friend of mine from middle and high school!! random. I remembered her name was Teresa, but I neglected to say it. Do you know the most important word in the world? think about it. Are you done thinking?? It's YOUR NAME!! balla. that is a whole other entry, but just think about that.

The concert was more than I could have ever asked for in a Friday evening. So glad I was able to make it out there! Amongst kindred spirits. Lives that were connected long before we all ever met, through this band. Making people smile and dance.

I was playing song number 1 of The Block (new album....which I mentioned earlier in this post by the way) and one of my RAs asked me who was the band. She was REALLY surprised to know it was NKOTB. She didn't know they could be that cool. lol. :)

PS. One of her friends went to the show and heard I went too. Next response was "I didn't know hall directors could be that cool."

haha! I love it!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So my dad and I had the great little bike ride excursion through south Texas. Upon one of our rest stops (or lunches) I heard this song and I was jamming out! I sang...."she shook me allllll night long!" And I sing this song all the way until I see my dad. Well, you know the music blaring and what else are you going to go when you are rocking some serious biker short spandex. Note: Ok, it's really not that bad! There is padding so you don't see stuff - AND I'm not looking! Anyhow, I walk up to my dad and ask him if he has ever heard this song. He thinks about it and says no. :) Oh wow! So I gave him the run down on the chorus and I thought he was pulling my leg, but he really had not heard the song. But days later, he left me a voicemail that he got another song from his buddy and it was "stairway to heaven" by Led Zeppalin. lol - That's funny to me only b/c I completely forgot AC/DC sang the other song. Runs in the family, no?

So I sent dad the youtube video. Thank goodness for youtube! Can we pause for a second and give them an applause!?? I mean really, where else are you going to watch the series finale of Wonder Years or the very first episode of your favorite 80s sitcom?? Yeah, I think that is pretty much prime that we can do this online. Since ER does not air online, nor do I have DVR anymore - I'll have to settle for youtube episodes only if someone continues to put that online. :) a little help please?

So, now he, my dad, knows the song and has the lyrics - I am sure he is jamming out to it on his iPod. Oh, sometimes we just have to teach those around us. :) B/c you know someone taught me. The word of the day is Education. Spread the WORD.

In this case its 80 heavy metal music and I'll take that song by song. Did I mention New Kids on the Block are playing in San Antonio? lol Guess, who's going? And, making shirts?


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It's 3AM and I just finished (somewhat) an article I have due tomorrow for class. I heard a noise outside my door, and I swear it sounded like someone peeing. Ummm...I hoped that it wasn't, but I checked the window just t be sure.....and it was raining outside. I'm not going to lie (1) I really did think someone was going to the restroom outside my door (2) I am actually glad I'm up this late and I'll tell you why. There is something peaceful about the rain. It is just so soothing to listen to. So I opened my front door to my hacienda and I just watch the rain make its way to the ground. Hitting the sidewalk every second...I love it. I wish my video would have uploaded. I will get on that after tomorrow :)


PS I will have MS 150 stuff up later in the week. :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008


OK, not those digits, but my rider number for the MS is.....

2468. :)

As in 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate?! :) I love it. So so SOOOO random, and it's so me. I'm off to bed. I have so many thoughts right now. Lots of things that shouldn't be floating around up there, but I'm not going to lie, it's distracting me. I think its just God's way of just letting me think about those things now, and get to enjoy the ride tomorrow.

That thought and method to His madness (my word for stuff like that) makes me thankful. It's going to be a gorgeous two days on the bike. Watching my dad get his number on his bike and helmet and being silly makes my heart beat stronger and smile. His rider number is 1837. I say it ONE EIGHT - three SEVEN!!! Yeah, but my parents are sleeping, so no yelling the numbers. :) Just watching him get ready is all I needed to see. I can't believe the day is here. My mind is ready. There is nothing to think about other than the ride....(and an article due on Tuesday - yikes!) It will get done. I can't take my laptop on the bike! lol

To be on my bike....is to have time with God. I'm taking my rosary. I would like to start something called Rosary Rides. I'm pretty sure that it is self explanatory, but just in case..... you pray a rosary while you ride. KEEP your eyes open!! :)

Ah - it's time for bed. But before I do that.... my thanks goes to God. You had/have this big plan and purpose for me. I pray that I can at least fill my day with things that you had hoped for me. I would always like to maximize my day and put my best into my day for You. And just to live it out loud. My thanks goes to my parents who seem to always have my back no matter what. Thank goodness. A brother like no other. Love you. And to some pretty amazing friends who come through with words of wisdom and love. You seem to know what to always tell me when I'm down. I am amazed by you. Blessings.

Here's to my 2nd MS, and to the names on my bandana: Troy (biker guys friend), Rasmus (my friend's brother in Germany), Melissa Vallance (unknown woman's name was on the bandana when I received it) & Alex Perez (my friend's brother and namesake to Team Alex). All of these people I have never physically met, but I'm more than sure we will cross paths one day. May our pedalling bring joy and positivity to your lives. Be Blessed.

In Him, With Him,


Thursday, October 02, 2008

1 more day.....

It's almost go time! The MS 150 is the day after tomorrow and I'm getting excited....and nervous....AND excited :)

I got asked today if I was in shape for this ride. ....well, I told her, I'll find out on Sunday when I cross the finish line. Of course she meant no harm by the question, but it made me think. Being in shape is only a part of it. If you feel in your heart you can do this, you WILL do it. If you let the negativity get to you and then (check this out) you are going to start believing it. Yeah, don't go there. It's not worth it. All I know is that I want to do this. I want to do this for people who can't even get up in the morning b/c they are living with a disease they never asked for. At the same time, I will be getting one of the most intense work outs of my life - and a kick ass tan! lol I'm down for this ride more than ever.

My dad is going to ride with me, and I can't wait to see him cross the finish line. I'm so proud. Who's the parent, who the kid? Yeah, I love that guy.

Come Sat morning....730am....it's so on. Highway 181 beware.... I'M COMING FOR YA!!!

I will rock this.