When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gear 27

I definitely feel like I have been riding some fast lane bike race/ride the last several weeks. Nothing I can't handle, but WOW! I would so like to change gears and ride that granny gear for a little bit. I hope that sounded appropriate. Don't get me wrong, I love the busy. One of my students said I look all professional when I'm busy. Awe - I thought that was funny b/c now it got me thinking that I need to look busy all the time. Ahhh! How about get busy! lol

I haven't made the time to ride my road bike, Chase, in quite some time, and let's knock on wood that I'll be able to get a ride in before the month is up. Ok, I'll knock on wood. Feb is a McShorty month, but there is still time to take advantage. I do ride my mtb (mountain bike) and get plenty of miles in during the week to class, internship and random midnight/evening rides. Love it! I certainly love the wind and riding through campus. I hope that whatever university I work for at Texas State will allow me to ride my bike to work, shower up at the rec and make my way to my office. Oh yeah! That would a great life. :) I love it when someone tells me, I saw you riding. I say - come ride with me! I'll race ya. I might not win, but I love to pedal. My quads are burning up! woo!!

OK, I'm off to write paper on the coming out process and integrate it on the effects of student development in higher education. I just pretended to fix my glasses. Let me get my nerd on. :)

Hello Gear 27!

Pedal OUT!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Diversity is different....

Here is a video that 2 members of my cohort created for a case study competition. It was fun...recognize any of those rapping voices? :)

Find more videos like this on iStudentAffairs.com

Diversity is different, diversity is cool. If diversity is new to you, let us show you what to do!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Go Go Go!!!

Many thoughts....and all are positve and or can lead to positive things.

I find myself thinking about upcoming challenges in school and in life decisions, and I feel good about them. I have some more to make, but I got some insight today. My past experiences have created a platform of readiness. Alas, when we think we are ready, it is like wearing a bull's eye for an attack. Today just feels good. I have this hunger for more and I like it.

Today felt like the busiest and productive day ever. Sat in some meetings, made some decisions, ate good (oh, I'm so hungry right now) and BOUGHT SOME BINDERS!! If any OGs are readings, you know this P is trying to shift her ways to some some J-ness in her life. But not completely, just some areas. The weather is breathtaking and I got a small ride in today. I pay omage to the mtb (mountain bikers) who scale the dirt hills up and down and side to side. I have mad respect for anyone who can ride uphill without getting off and walking up. I love the burning sensation in my legs when I ride uphill. And might I add - look so fly in my work/internship clothes too. :) I'm a big ol' nerd like that and I love it and own it.

Workouts have been on the low end of the calibrating spectrum this week. I was battling some non computer virus known as allergies and sinuses. Yeah, big ol sad face. Today I feel good and will hit up the gym later on tonight for a good run and some raquetball. It's on. It's so on. It's so on that the off switch doesn't know what to do, that it stays on.

If I find out you didn't go outside today - boo on you. It's glorious. The day was made for you. get out there and get you some Vit D!


PS. Vit D reference was brought you by Tri Coach.

Monday, February 09, 2009

mac and cheese please!

I've been feeling under the weather the last few days. sinuses, allergies and a little heartache. But I'm taking meds (finally), doubling up on vit C (orange juice and vit c packets, and processing what is up. I think the heartache just comes and goes as it pleases. I laugh and roll my eyes at myself sometimes b/c I let my emotions get carried away like that. I'm girlie like that. It's only natural that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I tried removing it once, but that didn't work b/c it's not me. I just somehow tend to roll my sleeve down just a little bit. The heart peeks out, but that is what she does best. So I'll stick with that for now...for just alittle bit.

Today, lots of school work to knock out. Had 10 hrs of sleep last night, so I'm feeling more of a champ. Somehow my outlook went back in time to to Nov 2008 and deleted all my emails and appts, but my phone has all the goods on it. Thank goodness, but I need it all on my pc. PC vs MAC..hmmmm? I love my mac, but the pc is all work stuff.

I miss me some mac and cheese. My mom used to make it when I was 3 foot nothing. Love that stuff! she would put hot dog pieces in it. I ate those first then chowed down on the mac. I preferred to enjoy the mac and cheese without hot dog interruptions. Oh, it was good!!

all right then! enjoy your Monday for it is a day that we all just gotta conquer. Step it up and step it out!

As always, thanks for reading,

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Vitamin C Please!

Kinda feeling under the weather so I'm battling it out vitamin c style. My prayers go out to all those under the weather which is all of the Bobcats. Workouts are mild, but I'm till breakin a sweat. Workin out with a tall friend of mine. So fun and to exciting to share the passion of treating the body right. Its a challenge b/c campus doesn't have the most healthiest eating options. But you know we'll work it out on the hills. That's what we do.

Oh, I just had a thought. I have lived on this campus as an undergrad, worked on this campus as a professional and lived again as a grad student. That wasn't my thought, but this is.....where will I work next? I know it's next year this time I will be making sure that my interview suits are looking fly and that I have polished my resume and cover letter. But where will it be sent. I have a few places in mind......a few states in mind. I love Austin, and I would just be tickled to officially live there. But no matter what, I want to work for a university that I can ride my bike to work...shower at the rec and get to the office in time before the admin. Ok, maybe after the admin.

My heart feels chill right now. It's not leaping for anyone, but just feels content. I like that. Finally. Well....I'll leave that statement riiiiiight there. :)

Made some vegetarian soup tonight for me and some of my sick students. I'm always proud (and thankful) when someone smiles after eating the food I make. I love to cook. My mom is inventive in the kitchen and always seem to make a masterpiece with whatever is in the fridge. I try my best to follow her ways and invent as she. Don't think I can duplicate her work, but some meals are meant to be made by just one. Although, I do like to throw a bunch of spices together and get a KABOOM flavor in my meals! LOVE IT! I feel that cooking is an extension of your soul. Anything you make, you are putting yourself into it. So, if you get to eat a meal of mine, you'll always have a part of me with you. Think great thoughts when you make a meal. Its the secret ingredient. Without words, that's what my mom taught me. I miss her food!! I must get to Corpus soon!

Big goal is to read a chapter a day for school. I need to get routine with this. It's doable.

Goals to work on:
Academic: a chapter a night
Workout: slower and more focused on ab work outs
Intake: Stick to all natural food

Thanks for reading, yo.

IF its real, then its real GOOD! Chow it down!