When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just need to finish strong...

I got some stressors that keep floating in and out of my mind. The only thing to do is to just face them and do the best I can. As I was thinking about this....I randomly surfed to a gossip page that one of my students introduced me to last semester. lol, it's not all that big of a deal, but its entertaining. You can be the judge of it, and you will probably get addicted to it. Anyhow, I can across the video that made me smile. Check it out.

I truly just want to finish this semester strong...get a little break and make my way into the summer. But one thing at a time. One foot in front of the other. That's all anyone can do. I just hope that if I trip, I'll bounce back up and keep moving forward. Ahh Elisa, that's all you can do. Hope everyone has a very productive week of school, work and everything in between.

Peace, Prayers and Hope....b/c that is all I got to give.


Monday, April 20, 2009

rounding third.....

well, it feels like I just passed second base with this semester, but I'm actually about to round third base! ahhhh! I'm not yet ready to slide home, but I know I need to prepare myself. A few more papers to write, a presenation and a handful of internship hours to turn in just yet before I can trade my spring semester for some long awaited summer time.

I'm so stoked about it all though. Last year this time I was anticipating the day to start grad school and feeling shy and on the edge nervous about my transition. I look back and I'm so thankful that I made the switch in career and the jumped into the educational line too. It's a buffett. If you want it get. If you want more - get it. The more you put into this experience, the more and more will be revealed to you. It's incredible. As I tell my cohort - the ever powerful, diversified and stylish OGs - we work and work and take that experience to class. We learn and learn and take that to work. rinse and repeat. It's a sweet cycle and keeps us going. Love it. No lie, it's alot of work, but def worth it the hours and the time and the people.

Here's me working for the student.

Everything else -

I'm not sure if I gave this statement in an earlier post but I just need to say it. My b-day was a blessing. thank you. It's good to be alive and well. I know we have our ups and downs with our days, but really - can we truly appreciate those wonderful days when we don't have those bad ones?? I really don't think so. I mean, I'm not inviting bad days into my life. but there is that deep dark moment in those says that I challenge myself to just give thanks. I just know there will be a time when I feel completely opposite from that sad moment. You Found Me. So here is to appreciating both moments the good and the bad. take them both and chew on them. You can get alot our of them if you really sink your teeth into it.

Get it. Get Yours. And Have an amazing DAY!!


Friday, April 10, 2009


All cleaned up and ready for this day. Seriously, I think I still smell the soap on me. :) Well, partially ready b/c my hair is still wet, but nothing the sun can't take care of for me. And speaking of which, the Son, is definitely in full effect. This week of stress snuck up on me. I had no idea what I was in for, but I'm good. I give credit to Him for letting me experience it. I know it's for a reason, but wow. The greatest thing for me is that I know I'm not alone on this walk.

In the spirit of this holiday weekend, Happy Easter! If you are celebrating and exercising Lent, my best to you. I know it has been a long 46 days (yeah, I count Sundays), but you made it. No matter what you offered during this season, you did it. Even if you broke your Lent for a day or two, its the fact that you offered. That's huge! My best to you and your family the holiday weekend.

It will be a work weekend for me. Yeah school :) And work outs!! P90X here I come. I'm on Day 4 Yoga! I even have a mat. That's what's up!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


So frickin ridiculous! So much has happened since last I was on here....
Spring Break.

I will say that every time I have a birthday, I call it a new year for me. Fresh start. New step. New bounce. New bounce in my step. It's on. I feel as though I experienced everything that I wanted to from 4/1/08 to 4/1/09. I'm completely grateful and blessed. I just can't explain it. Had a birthday lunch and prayed my little heart out silently. Chipotle never tasted so good! My friend noticed that I took awhile before I ate and it's true. It was my first meal of the day (bad Elisa very bad) and so I had to make it count, ya know. A girl has got to do, what a girl has got to. I just thank God for allowing me to live to this year. I know He didn't have to, but I'm thankful. Basically, my prayer was of thanks and gratitude.

A big shout out to my friends who I got to hang with throughout the week, or stopped by my casablanca or called/text/emailed me up from afar. I'm blessed and I'm a better woman b/c of the people in my life. Thank you. Big Froggie Style Love from me to YOU! Here's to Staying Fine in OH NINE! lol

Blessings to you!

PS. If you look closely at the pic, you'll see this big bright shiny thing. Yeah, that is the brightness you give me. Thank you!