When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

check please!

Much has happened since last I post...actually, I believe I have left some things out.
Half Marathon - check. Triathalon -check. Interview in Colorado - check. Interview in NY - check. Cut and donate hair after 3.5 years - check! big ol long ponytail - check! Graduation photos - chhhheck! Realized I need to apply for different types of job and cast that net much wider - about to be CHECK. Walk in to last week of Grad School - :)

Tomorrow is my last class of grad school. All that stands in the way is a revision survey, 3 questions to my final and a presentation. I'm hoping for papitas. But the mountains I have climbed thus far, it might just be papitas. It'll be good.

I've realized much about myself. The woman I hope to be and the one I never want to be like. The value system that I hope to share with students, but more importantly to always live. It would make life so much easier to just live by the golden rule, ya know? Imagine if the world just al worked in giving and forgiveness.

Graduation is next week. And I have a big grin sitting in the airport in Long Island. Who's a big girl? lol

Who doesn't need to miss her flight!

I'm out!!


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