When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Friday, August 15, 2008

So I lost track of time.  No not the hour....the day.  I was in a training session today with my amazing staff and realized I didn't know what day I was living.  If I was quizzed on the day of the week and was going to be offered a cash prize, I may have lost.  I had no idea it was Friday!  lol - We have been in training since Tuesday and will be going strong till the new students move in.  Snap!  I'm learning lots and getting to know the staff more.  I like that.  There is just something about working with students that makes a day go from good to great....ER! :)  

Random, but I just spent 3 hrs with some of the staff talking in the hallway. I had no idea.  Time just flew by.  It is my hopes that I will be able to provide these students the mentorship, support and direction that was given to me in undergrad.  It is also my goal to make sure they finish the year with with career ideas and more confidence than what they already have.  They are amazing.  Point blank - amazing.

Diversity was a big topic today.  It made me think of the issues that make me feel uncomfortable.  Subjects that I don't think I am strong in.  The presenter, a friend of mine...we will call him the Brit, made an excellent presentation.  Talked about privilege, equal rights and where are we going and how far we have come.   We should be scared about diversity - It should make us want to learn more.  I felt that even thought I am diverse.....there is so much more for me to gain when meeting with people who carry different characteristics.  If I meet those people, maybe they will gain something from me?  I know that I will be a stronger and a better woman for meeting them.

It's all about the walk. We say we are equal.  But are we really?  Are we all at a place to say we are equal amongst our neighbors?  Then why are their laws that restrict gays from marriage?  How equal is that?  That is just a thought and there is so much more to the topic of diversity, but I'll touch on that in a later post.  But really, who is anyone to say who can marry who?  They are not going to be living with that person - so who cares.  Why can't people just be?  Why will I have to let some law out a damper on the one I love?  I don't get that.  Well, I guess that is the problem.  People just don't understand the logic behind that rule.  B/c there isn't any.

All in good time.  It will happen.  Everyone will have equal rights.  Life will work out.  I just hope I see it in my lifetime.  Ahhhhh.....I know I will.  :)

OK, I'm out like trout.  Have a good night!

E to the R!

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