When in doubt, pedal out!

When in doubt, pedal out!
It's what I do.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Parfait this!

So I needed some snackage and something a little more on the healthy side this morning as I muscled my way through readings and such. You might like this, if not, I'll eat it :)

3 scoops of Dannon All Natural low fat yogurt - it's got a vanilla flav to it, but it's natural, so it's good!
1 spoon of Soy nuts (for protein and crunch!)
1 pinch of Grounded Flax seed (fiber, ay)
Just enough Agave Nectar for some natural sweetness

Put all four parts into your favorite parfait cup/glass and you are set!!

Amazing. So amazing I had blog it :)

Word. Happy snackin!

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